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VW Tour Bali Package is a valuable package for those who wants to enjoy truly Bali and Balinese way of living in the countryside. The trip starts and finishes at your hotel every day. Our guide/drivers are delighted to give you free information at any time before starting your tour. Herewith some options of land tours and are always welcome to be rearranged as per your request...


Tour visits : Sebatu Water Temple, Penelokan Kintamani, Batur Volcano, Ubud, Goa Gajah, Lunch at local restaurant

We will see Sebatu Water Temple where we can see beautiful Suva toe temple which is not so big, but the whole temple seems to become a park among forests in the circumference. The tour continues to Penelokan Kintamani with the location 1450 meters above sea level, Penelokan is a spectacular site to take pleasure in viewing Gunung Batur or Batur Volcano. Our next tour is to Ubud In central Bali - the island's cultural heart, with art galleries and cafes set among rice paddies and jungle. On the way back to your hotel we will visit Goa Gajah (the Elephant Cave), which is located in a steep valley just outside of Ubud near the town of Bedulu. The cave was built at least 700 years ago, rediscovered in the 1920s and fully excavated 30 years later. Enjoy your day before we go back to your hotel.

Tour visits : Kehen Temple, Besakih Temple, Putung, Manggis, Tenganan, Goa Lawah, Kertagosa, Lunch at local restaurant

In the morning we will start the tour from your hotel. The first visit is to Kehen Temple. Its splendid closed Balinese gateway leads to a unique shrine of 11 tapering meru roofs, the highest architectural honor that can be bestowed on this temple believed to be the resting place for the visiting gods. Next visit is Besakih Temple, the largest holy site in Bali and home to the island’s Mother Temple, located on the slopes of Mount Agung (3,142 meters). The temple is comprised of 3 main complexes dedicated to the Hindu Trinity. It was built during the late 8th century AD. Next stop is Putung, the beautiful viewpoint to Mt. Agung. In Tenganan we will see An original Balinese 'aga' village and home to a distinctive ancient culture where strict mores and cultural taboos are still rigidly enforced. Distinctly different from other villages in Bali with its broad avenues and its rare geringsing weaving methods, the gates of Tenganan are locked to the outside world each night. You’ll also enjoy the Bat Cave (Goa Lawah) which has a subterranean connection to sacred Mt. Agung, the roof of this temple, set at the entrance to a sacred cave, is blanketed by thousands of bats. An awesome sight, especially if the resident pythons have crawled out on a ledge to "eye" the tourists and worshippers. And on the way back to hotel we’ll visit Kertagosa which is located at Klungkung, was the oldest kingdom on the island and its "Raja" the most exalted. Kertha Gosa (The Court Hall) and Taman Gili (The Floating Pavilion) were formerly parts of Semarapura Palace of Klungkung Kingdom, built in the 18th century. A main gate or the royal palace well known as "Pemedal Agung" is hitherto standing intactly at the Western part of the Court Hall and the Floating Pavilion. For its ceiling painted in the traditional wayang style portraying punishment in hell and the rewards in heaven and other aspects of moralities. The floating pavilion, garden and lotus ponds in this walled- in complex, located on the main intersection of town are a reminder of the former glory of this kingdom.

Tour visits : Tabanan traditional market, Blimbing, Lovina Beach, Hot spring water Banjar, Lunch at local restaurant

We will see endless spectacular views of rice terraces as well as large plantations of coffee, cacao and cloves, while vineyards and tobaccos are planted mostly in north coast villages. Brief stops will be made at tranquil black sandy beach of Lovina North Bali before visiting the hot spring water at Banjar Village.

Tour visits : Royal Temple Mengwi, Traditional village Baha, Bedugul, Pancasari, Gitgit Waterfall, Banjar, Blimbing, Lunch at local restaurant.

Be ready for your great day. Your first visit is Royal Temple Mengwi which is built in 17th century, this impressive and spacious temple is surrounded by a wide moat, creating the sensation of standing in the middle of a lake. The temple itself has three ascending courtyards, each representing an increasing level of perfection in the Bali Hindu cosmos. Then we’ll visit Baha Village where the population is dominated by workers and the traditional farming community, who own wide rice fields, and by the “Subak” organization that mainly functions to regulate water distribution for irrigation. The uniformity of the typical entrance gates of the family compounds combined with the traditional housing structures present a charming appearance for the village. Then up to Bedugul to see the interesting fruit and vegetable market, and beautiful lakeside temple. Gitgit Waterfall at Gitgit Village is our next visit. In this village you can enjoy vast coffee and clove gardens. Walking and enjoying coffee garden is a right choice if you visit Gitgit Village. 350 metres walk from the main street tracing the coffee and clove garden, you will find a waterfall about more or less 50 metres height as the highest waterfall in Bali. The road to Gitgit climbs steeply, offering fine views along the way. After enjoying the waterfall we’ll go to Banjar Village to enjoy Air Panas, a sacred hot-spring. In 1985 the sulphurous spring water was channelled into a public bathing area consisting of 3 pools, set in a tasteful blend of jungle and garden, The water is a pleasant 38 C. There are changing rooms, showers, toilets and a restaurant. On the way back to hotel we’ll visit Blimbing Sari, a village of 250 homes in Indonesia's tropical paradise, Bali, is said to be 100% Christian with a zero crime rate. In 1939 the inhabitants' persecuted Christian ancestors were given land by the Dutch government as a safe haven. Today, the village is a hard-working community where children are being taught in a strong spirit of prayer.


Tour visits : Tanah Lot, Alas Kedaton, Mount Batukaru, Jatiluwih, Bedugul, Baha, Lunch at local restaurant

The first stop of the day will be at the dramatic Tanah Lot sea temple. This is one of the splendid temples in Bali. Perching atop an enormous rock, it is completely surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean during high tide. Later, a visit to Alas Kedaton Holy Monkey Forest, where hundreds of "tame" and very mischievous monkeys live in the forest surrounding the temple. Also enjoy your day at Jatiluwih and Mount Batukaru. On the upper slopes, Pura Luhur Batukaru, one of Bali's most important and least visited temples, is nestled at the edge of a deep forest. This is a realm for meditation, endless forest hikes or bird watching. Heading eastward, the flank of the mountain nourishes the rice fields of Jatiluwih, a stunning man-made wonder of boundless rice terraces facing the ocean. Then up to Bedugul and see the interesting fruit and vegetable market, and beautiful lakeside temple. Baha Village is waiting to be explored also, here the population is dominated by workers and the traditional farming community, who own wide rice fields, and by the “Subak” organization that mainly functions to regulate water distribution for irrigation.

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